Album by Petra.


Original ReleaseEdit

1. Walkin' In The Light
2. Mountains And Valleys
3. Lucas McGraw
4. Wake Up
5. Back Sliding Blues
6. Get Back To The Bible
7. Gonna Fly Away
8. I'm Not Ashamed
9. Storm Comin'
10. Parting Thought


1. Wake Up
2. Get Back To The Bible
3. Gonna Fly Away
4. Storm Comin'
5. Parting Thought
6. Walkin' In The Light
7. Mountains And Valleys
8. Lucas McGraw
9. Back Sliding Blues
10. I'm Not Ashamed


  • Bob Hartman - Lead Guitars, Banjo, Lead Vocals
  • Greg Hough - Guitars, Mandolin, Lead Vocals
  • John DeGroff - Bass
  • Bill Glover - Drums


  • Produced by Billy Ray Hearn
  • Engineered by Tom Byler and Terry Jamison

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