This is a policy page

This is an example:

Use Template:SongHeader

(for other uses, use Template:SongHeaderhis, Template:SongHeaderher, Template:SongHeaderinshis, Template:SongHeaderinsher, Template:SongHeaderins, Template:SHE, Template:SHS, Template:SHEhis, Template:SHEher, Template:SHShis, Template:SHSher, Template:SL, Template:SLhis, Template:SLher, Template:SLins, Template:SLinshis, Template:SLinsher)

(if song is found on another album, use Template:AA and after using AA, use Template:A)


Use Template:GBD, see other pages for related templates or ask if you need one.


Use Template:Chords


  • Written by So And So

(video here [optional]) (must be aligned to the left of the page)

Cover lists

Use Template:Cover or Template:Cover2

Category to add: Songs

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