A Taste Of Honey by The Beatles.

F#m     A       E           F#m___________________________

 A taste of honey... tasting much sweeter than wine.  Ta do n doo Ta do n doo


  F#m      F5+     A      B          F#m       F5+       A      B

I dream of your first kiss, and then    I   feel    u-pon my   lips a-gain 

    F#m   A     E         F#m   Bm  F#m    Bm  F#m

A taste of honey (A Taste Of Honey)..tasting much sweeter than wine

CHORUS:   F#m can be substituted with A if you like. Both sound fine.

    A      B          F#m       B

Oh, I will re-turn,    yes I will re-turn

          A      E       F#m________________________________

I'll come back for the honey and you    Ta do n doo      Ta do n doo


      F#m     F5+         A        B            F#m     F5+    A

Yours was the kiss that a-woke my heart. There lingers still, 'though we're far 

  B     F#m       A  E

a-part. That taste of honey ( A Taste Of Honey )... tasting much sweeter 

     F#m     Bm  F#m    Bm  F#m

than wine


   A     B         F#m       B

Oh I will re-turn,    Yes I will re-turn

          A     E    F#m

I'll come back (He'll come back) for the honey (For the honey) and you

Bm  F#m Bm  F#m Bm  F#m  

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